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Friday, October 7, 2011

Sisters Tea and Me!

It has been a busy week! My church had  VBS Monday through Wednesday and that alone has kept my whole family busy. On Sunday my mother asked my oldest treasure if she would like to go have tea this week. Well, I was probably more excited than L.

My mother and I started this a few years back. We found one tea place in our area and decided to see what it was like and ever since I think we have been hooked. Thursday, we went to a sweet little place called Sisters Tea Parlor and it was so fun. The decor was everything you would hope a tea parlor would be! A pink room (my oldest treasure had to sit in this room!), an aqua colored room with black accents, and a garden gate room. The garden gate room looked like the perfect place to have a little girls tea party! There was tulle and ribbon, and frill everywhere!

 Cute little sign at the door...
 I love mesh ribbon! So cute how they used it to add frill at their door!

 You could pick out your own hat. They had a room full of them.
Our sweet and savory food! It was all wonderful! 

 We sat at the kindness table. Loved the scripture! My tea was wonderful! Royal Wedding= Mango, Kiwi, Raspberry. I think L drank 4 cups of tea. Who knew she loved hot tea?

 Loved the decor in this room! Definitely Shabby Chic!
The Pink room and the garden gate room!

Pinkys up! Hope you enjoyed my Sisters tea experience! I'm going to have a cup of hot tea!
Happy Friday Everyone!

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