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Monday, August 13, 2012

Exhaustion and the many things us women have to be!

What a life I live! Between my family, my church, and my new job I have been keeping busy. God has truly blessed me beyond what I deserve.

I've survived a couple parties that I have put together and planned recently. I also started my job teaching Kindergarten (best job ever, other than my job as a wife and mommy of course)! My handsome hubby and I have had to make a couple trips to Sweet home Alabama to see my family. I'm one busy lady, however I must say I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

This life I have been given has taken me so many awesome places and allowed me to meet some fantastic people.

I am a wife, a mom, a teacher, a friend, a student, a cook, a taxi, a daughter, a sister, a listener, a homemaker... and the list could go on and on. My favorite from the list is probably a wife. I'm so glad I married my best friend, and not too long after God allowed me to become mom!!

I'm excited to see what else God has in store for this life He has given me! See you soon and hopefully this time it won't be so long!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Honey and Babies...so sweet

In May I helped host a sweet baby shower for a mom to be of twins! I love parties and there is nothing like celebrating life! My friend Tammy, who is fun, fabulous and energetic came up with a yellow, grey, white theme. This color scheme has been so in fashion for a while! It turned out to be a precious shower! Honey and babies two of life's sweetest things!

 The fingerprint tree was painted by a dear friend of mine! She is so very artsy! She has inspired me to appreciate art in all different forms!

 The sweet sign! By Mirabelle Creations

 Lots of our pinterest inspiration put into action! The lemonade punch turned out beautifully and very delish!
 Tammy, the fun, fabulous, energetic one, made this oh so pretty cake! She is a jack of all trades and can do anything wonderfully!
The sweet printable was made by Mirabelle Creations! She is a wonderful designer and is so very easy to work with! For your next party please check out her etsy shop here

The twins have been born since the shower! They are healthy and doing great! I hope our bright and shiny shower gives you inspiration for your next shower!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chicago and more...

Wow... wowy! I have been having so much fun and you have missed it all and of course it is my fault!

Took a trip to my favorite city. That's right the windy city, Chicago, and it was so much fun. A very relaxing time for my hubby and I. We ate out, I got a mani/pedi right off of Michigan avenue, we shopped and found some great deals, and walked a lot. We even walked in the rain! Romantic... yeah I thought so! :-)

My handsome hubby and I!!! He's a good looking man! It's true! 
This is our reflection in the bean!

Craziness! In the rain! I was wearing open toe shoes I might add! In Chicago you gotta be cute!

That's me! 

I had to see the bean and the art institute. We ate at a wonderful pizza place and our favorite hot dog joint in Chicago, Portillos. If you've never been you should try it! Its one of my favorite vacations. Lots of things for kids to do and see. It's pretty romantic too and it's a very clean and safe city!

So now for a craft I have been working on...

I had a neighborhood friend contact me concerning a wire hanger they had seen that they wanted to recreate for her daughters wedding. Being the person I am who can not say no I said, "sure bring it to me, I'll get it done". I have gotten myself in trouble numerous times saying yes to many things! I did get this project done though and for my first I am very proud of my finished project...
 Mrs.  Klinglesmith.. yes that is a very hard name for my first!

I embellished the hanger with some lace and fabric rosettes I made. This project took me about an hour and half. I have been practicing with the wire for a couple weeks. It's not perfect and I see little things here and there that could be improved but all around I'm pleased with it. 

A baby shower is coming soon! I can't wait to show you my latest party!! :-) Stay tuned! I will be back!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tutus, and Gifts with ribbon of course!

It's been a long time and today I am blogging simply to de-stress a little! It's been one of those weeks so I decided to do my Bible study and just kind of take it easy today. Within the past few weeks I have had a ladies night at church, celebrated my birthday, and made tutus to donate to our school's auction. Needless to say I have been MIA.

My tutus turned out great,  a couple sold for $30 and one sold for $40 so I was pleased with my donation! I left empty handed other than a sweet canvas that my oldest treasure made for us to purchase! I did bid on one item and was outbid! Overall, we had a great time and was able to hang out with some great friends!

Not too long ago I had to come up with a simple gift my oldest treasure's teacher. It was her birthday and I wanted to do something very simple, but presented cute.

I covered a drink carrier and added embellishments to make it cute. I then filled it with muffins and milk and ribbon tied napkins. I gave this to her teacher for breakfast on her birthday. The tag reads, "Muffins and Milk for a very sweet teacher.". Next time I use this idea I think I will use the Starbucks frappacino bottle carriers to fit more items inside. I thought it turned out sweet and I think her teacher enjoyed it also.

Easter is hopping on over and I have been planning a small gift for my oldest treasures class. I decided to make my own little bunny munch after discovering ever so many on pinterest.  This is what I came up with...

Mine is crushed vanilla wafers and pretzles layered on a cookie sheet spread melted white chocolate on top and sprinkled with spring sprinkles and bunny mixx m&m's. Its' pretty yummy! We worked together to put everything together in a mini basket with a little grass and then added the bunny munch in a celophane bag and tied it with a simple tag and of course pretty ribbon! Hoppy Easter!

See you again soon and hopefully it won't be so long!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tree Salad!

We have had lots of crazy weather lately! Unusually warm for February! So with it being warmer I've wanted to make lighter food for dinner. So today I made one of my favorite salads, Broccoli salad. Also called tree salad to my little treasures! They eat broccoli pretty good and at times we call them trees because of course they look like little trees!

1 bunch of broccoli
3/4 cup sunflower seeds
3/4 cup dried cranberries (crasins)
1/4 of a red onion finely chopped (or to your taste)
1 cup of mayo
2 tbs white vinegar
1/4 cup of sugar

Cut broccoli into florets and place in a medium sized bowl. Mix next 3 ingredients in. Mix dressing ingredients in a small bowl with a whisk pour over broccoli mixture and stir well so all salad is coated with dressing. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. I prefer mine made the day before because the longer the flavors sit together the better the salad!

This is one of my favorite salads hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time Goes By

Huge week in the Chesser household last week. My oldest treasure lost her first tooth. I must say it made me very sad and I even cried a little. It just made me realize how quickly my special girl is growing up! However she is very excited about it and very proud of the little gap in her bottom teeth.

With that happening it made realize I have to cherish every moment I have with her because all too quickly she will be a teenager graduating from high school and about to go to college (sobs hysterically)! Thinking about her growing up made look back on my childhood and teenage years. I was always very close with my mom growing up. My interest and hobbies came from watching my mom and spending time with her.

I have lots of great memories I could share with you about my mom. I remember when I was in middle school and it came time for me to wear make up my mother took me to Merle Norman and had them do a complete makeover, from skin care to how to apply make up. I had so much fun that day and after they finished we shopped till we dropped! That is a day I will never forget! To this day I still wear Merle Norman make up and one day when My oldest treasure gets old enough for make up we will do the same thing! Another day I remember is my first prom. My mom was never very emotional growing up and it was very seldom I ever saw her cry, but on the day of my first prom, I knew she was a little sad that I had grown up! Before I left for prom she looked at me and said "I Hope You Dance". She tried to laugh it off but I remember the look in her eyes when she said it and I knew she wasn't talking just about prom!

So today, as I think about my treasures getting older, I have compiled a list of "things" that I always want her to remember!

"fun" things:
Always laugh! Even if you're laughing at me! Still laugh cause that's when I know you live a happy life!

Find beautiful things around you everyday.

Never miss an opportunity to dance and sing!

Wear high heels and lipstick because there is just something about it that can always make you feel pretty!

Read something everyday!

"life" things:

Always be a true friend! Even when you feel your friends aren't!

Always smile at people you never know when someone will need it!

Use your manners everyday and always respect authority! It doesn't matter if you think they are right or wrong a person with great character always respects those over them!

Be slow to speak and always speak kindly.

Hug your dad and I everyday! There is nothing better than the feeling of your arms around our neck!

Study hard and do beyond your best! You will be proud of yourself in the end!

"most important" things:

Jesus came and died to save you! Follow him all your life!

Be who God created you to be, because there is no one like you and who you are is so very special!

Always remember mom and dad love you no matter what you do!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crochet and Chevron

I've recently taught myself a little about sewing. When I say little, I mean a very, very, small amount! Everything I have learned has come from me tearing something apart and putting it back together or figuring my way, through trial and error (and let me tell you there has been alot of error)! I have followed a pattern and I must say I do prefer a pattern simply for the cutting of fabric.

So in my adventure of crafts, and sewing I am astonished at all the beautiful works of crocheting. It seems to me like it has become in fashion again. So many cute baby things for crochet. From blankets and hats to photography props. So I am going to try to learn how to crochet!

 When I was pregnant with my first treasure a very special lady made me this beautiful baby blanket.
I can't get enough of the chevron pattern. This was my favorite blanket that I got and my oldest treasure still loves it . Since making this, this dear lady has had a lot of health issues and has been put in a nursing home. My husband has taken my oldest treasure to visit her. We have been a couple of times and everytime she looks at this blanket she knows that this sweet lady made it for her and we think of her and pray for her often.

So maybe one day I can make a crocheted blanket! I already have one in mind!  Ha!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am a pinaholic... whoever thought of pinterest, my husband is not a big fan of you! I love to look at pinterest. It's a world of crafts and decorating and fashion and I just can't get enough of it. I have tried so many wonderful recipes that have become a favorite in my house. I've also tried some of the decor secrets and cleaning remedies.

A few weeks ago I found a wreath that I loved and decided to recreate it. Yes, I took the idea from someone off pinterest, this is not my original idea. It cost me a total of  $15:00 to make this wreath and I am very happy with the final product!

I used jute to wrap a Styrofoam wreath form then I added silk flowers, a large letter that I covered with moss, and numbers that I painted. Simple and easy. A tip when making a wreath : nice silk flowers can be expensive. I wait till they go on sale at hobby lobby. I usually try to buy large flowers that do not need a lot of fillers. Hobby lobbies flowers are much nicer than most other stores, but when I need fillers I go to the dollar tree and fill in with their flowers that aren't so nice. You don't notice them as much though because you use the expensive and the inexpensive together. However this wreath only has a few flowers, I love how there are different textures that add variety! Thanks Pinterest for all your wonderful inspiration!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Childhood Treasures

I grew up in a pastors family, and thankfully so. My dad has been a pastor ever since I was born and still is today. So, he has been my pastor my whole life. A lot of people don't understand the life of a pastor and his family. Unless you have been there it's just hard to explain sometimes. My family has moved quite a bit. Not as much as some pastors but we have had our share of moving. I only remember living near extended family for about 2 years of my life and even then I was so young that I don't have a lot of memories with them. My immediate family (Mom, dad, brother, and sister) were always very close growing up. Most holidays were spent, just us. We didn't travel to visit family because we lived so far from them.

When you're in a pastors family, your family usually revolves around your church family. When they hurt, you hurt. When they have joyous occasions you share in their joy. They become your extended family. I have an adopted grandmother at my church now. She loves me as I were her own and my children. Even though being a pastor's daughter wasn't always easy, I wouldn't take anything for it. I have had the opportunity to travel places I never would have gotten to go and meet people that I would have never gotten to meet. What an honor it has been to serve God alongside my family.

My husband pretty much lived in the same place his whole life. He did move for a job for a season of his life. His mom is very sentimental and always kept alot from their childhood. She has toys and clothes and homemade blankets. From where we have moved so much my parents were unable to keep things like that, or they got lost in the move. So I have made it a point to keep sentimental things of my kids. I have every Halloween costume, blankets, and some of my favorite clothes and a couple of their first toys! My mother did save a couple of my dresses. I was premature and she kept some of my preemie dresses. I wanted to keep these forever so I hung them in shadow boxes in my oldest treasures room!
It was an easy way to decorate her room, just some pearl straight pins and shadow boxes I picked up at TJ Maxx.

I hope you have some wonderful childhood treasures too! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's All About Love

Been a little crazy around here for the past couple of weeks. You know, we think after Christmas everything is just going to slow down. For us it does some but never fails to pick back up.

I just love holidays! I remember when I was a kid I always looked forward to holidays. My family always celebrated most holidays in some way. Valentines day is quickly approaching and I have just been so excited. We should always let the ones we love know how much we love them, but how much fun is it to set aside a day to let them know! I look forward to it every year!

When I was a little girl my parents always got us gifts for valentines day. I remember my dad would buy us candy or perfume or something of that sort. You know, traditional valentines gifts. Mom always bought me clothes. My mother loves to shop for clothes! She is the best bargain hunter!

I remember my first valentines day with my husband. We had been dating about 7 months and I was so happy to be celebrating with him! He had just moved into his new house and I decided to cook dinner for him. So I went to his house early and got to work. We had homemade manicotti with meat sauce. I decorated the table in navy, with white tulips as the centerpiece and white china. It turned out beautifully. He had made my favorite for me, Chocolate covered strawberries. He also had the most beautiful arrangement of Calla Lillie's I have ever seen. Still to this day he has not topped those flowers! He set the bar high! It was the best Valentines day I had ever had! Now that we have been married with 7 years behind us and 2 special little treasures, we usually spend Valentines day at home. I still cook dinner and decorate my table nice for the family. However, now we make it a lot about the kids. We usually get each other a little something to express our love or get a sitter and go out to dinner.

I have opted to do homemade valentines this year, that my oldest treasure and I can make together for her friends. There are so many cute ideas on pinterest. I was playing around today and came up with this idea.
Thought this would be a cute little valentine for school or church. Just a little sidewalk chalk, ribbon, and cute tag and you're done.I'm doing a different valentine for my oldest treasure to give but for the youngest this might be the one!

Who do you want to make feel special this valentines day? I hope its a great day filled with lots of love!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year...New You!

It's time for resolutions. Everyone I follow on pinterest is pinning healthy meals and workout plans. My husband and I are trying to make healthier choices in eating and hopefully become more active. We also want a heart makeover! We are working on our relationship with Jesus by focusing on reading our Bible more and having a deeper prayer time! So I guess you could say our resolution is to be in shape... mind, body, and spirit!

Its hard to believe that it is already the second week of the new year. It seems as if time just goes by so quickly now.

What's your resolution? Praying you have a blessed 2012. Oh, and how do you like my new look? A change for the new year! :-)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Old truck... new party

Party? That's right! My youngest treasure turned 2 and we celebrated with a party for family and friends. 

I had searched and searched for party inspiration! I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to do trucks because that is his favorite thing. It is very rare that I do not see him carrying around a red truck or two. I decided this months ago and searched and searched for a party printable that I wanted to use. Everything was either too commercialized or just not the style I wanted. So, since my husband and I are owners of a 57 Chevy truck... I wanted to go the vintage route. Then finally I found the perfect printable 2 weeks before the party!

Deanna from Mirabelle Creations created this oh so sweet party printable and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. Since finding this printable I have continued to follow her blog and it is a great party planning blog! I love her simple, elegant style!

So here is my take on the vintage truck party!

I used a picture of my husbands 57 Chevy as a backdrop for my popcorn bar! Cracker Jacks and glass bottled coca-cola was the favor I chose. Adults and kids both enjoyed them! Tammy from sew sweet made the cake and of course it turned out even better than i hoped! Connie at Pate's Paisley's and Polka Dots appliqued the adorable shirt for the birthday boy! She personalizes everything for me and always does a great job!

My youngest treasure had a wonderful birthday and we made memories to treasure forever! It was simple and it was sweet! Can't wait to plan my next party! Let's see, when will that be... stay tuned!