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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Farmer's market fun!

So, this weekend it definitely feels like fall. The high today was 57 degrees. We had our church car show and it was very chilly. Yes, I opted to go with my husband to this car show because it was at our church and they had fun things for my little treasures and free food. Who doesn't like free food?

I have been on the hunt for my porch fall decorations, which aren't anything too special but something simple that puts my family and I in the fall spirit. To my oldest treasure it's not officially fall until there is a pumpkin on the porch. It's true, riding down the road the other day she said "it's fall mom because everyone has pumpkins on their porch".

While looking for the perfect pumpkins, my youngest treasure and I packed up and went to my little town's local farmer's market. I must be honest, he and I both love to go. Its so colorful with all the fall fruits and veggies. and the fall flowers. Pumpkins have been pretty pricey this fall so I was so happy when I found some from a little old man with a big beard for $2 each. They are selling at our local dollar store for $4. I was very excited to get them for 1/2 the price! The same little old man also had some beautiful pears and apples.
 So with it feeling more like fall. I wanted to bake! Something pumpkin but since I didn't have any on hand I decided on an apple pie. The kind with a crumb topping instead of a pastry crust topping. My friend Stephanie makes the best crumb topped apple pie. I searched the web for her perfect recipe but couldn't find it anywhere so I had to go with this recipe. Not too bad. We had it eaten in no time! Still not quite as good as her recipe maybe I will have her share it with me sometime and in return share it with you. Below is a picture of my delish apple pie!


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