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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chicago and more...

Wow... wowy! I have been having so much fun and you have missed it all and of course it is my fault!

Took a trip to my favorite city. That's right the windy city, Chicago, and it was so much fun. A very relaxing time for my hubby and I. We ate out, I got a mani/pedi right off of Michigan avenue, we shopped and found some great deals, and walked a lot. We even walked in the rain! Romantic... yeah I thought so! :-)

My handsome hubby and I!!! He's a good looking man! It's true! 
This is our reflection in the bean!

Craziness! In the rain! I was wearing open toe shoes I might add! In Chicago you gotta be cute!

That's me! 

I had to see the bean and the art institute. We ate at a wonderful pizza place and our favorite hot dog joint in Chicago, Portillos. If you've never been you should try it! Its one of my favorite vacations. Lots of things for kids to do and see. It's pretty romantic too and it's a very clean and safe city!

So now for a craft I have been working on...

I had a neighborhood friend contact me concerning a wire hanger they had seen that they wanted to recreate for her daughters wedding. Being the person I am who can not say no I said, "sure bring it to me, I'll get it done". I have gotten myself in trouble numerous times saying yes to many things! I did get this project done though and for my first I am very proud of my finished project...
 Mrs.  Klinglesmith.. yes that is a very hard name for my first!

I embellished the hanger with some lace and fabric rosettes I made. This project took me about an hour and half. I have been practicing with the wire for a couple weeks. It's not perfect and I see little things here and there that could be improved but all around I'm pleased with it. 

A baby shower is coming soon! I can't wait to show you my latest party!! :-) Stay tuned! I will be back!


  1. I think it looks really cute!

  2. WOw this is awesome Courtny! I have never worked with wire and can imagine this was not fun at some stages but it turned out great. Good job girl!

  3. awesome-I've never seen that! & yay Chicago:))