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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tutus, and Gifts with ribbon of course!

It's been a long time and today I am blogging simply to de-stress a little! It's been one of those weeks so I decided to do my Bible study and just kind of take it easy today. Within the past few weeks I have had a ladies night at church, celebrated my birthday, and made tutus to donate to our school's auction. Needless to say I have been MIA.

My tutus turned out great,  a couple sold for $30 and one sold for $40 so I was pleased with my donation! I left empty handed other than a sweet canvas that my oldest treasure made for us to purchase! I did bid on one item and was outbid! Overall, we had a great time and was able to hang out with some great friends!

Not too long ago I had to come up with a simple gift my oldest treasure's teacher. It was her birthday and I wanted to do something very simple, but presented cute.

I covered a drink carrier and added embellishments to make it cute. I then filled it with muffins and milk and ribbon tied napkins. I gave this to her teacher for breakfast on her birthday. The tag reads, "Muffins and Milk for a very sweet teacher.". Next time I use this idea I think I will use the Starbucks frappacino bottle carriers to fit more items inside. I thought it turned out sweet and I think her teacher enjoyed it also.

Easter is hopping on over and I have been planning a small gift for my oldest treasures class. I decided to make my own little bunny munch after discovering ever so many on pinterest.  This is what I came up with...

Mine is crushed vanilla wafers and pretzles layered on a cookie sheet spread melted white chocolate on top and sprinkled with spring sprinkles and bunny mixx m&m's. Its' pretty yummy! We worked together to put everything together in a mini basket with a little grass and then added the bunny munch in a celophane bag and tied it with a simple tag and of course pretty ribbon! Hoppy Easter!

See you again soon and hopefully it won't be so long!

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  1. yumm! both are cute! oh I would love to get my hands on that bunny crunch stuff...;)