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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Someone's trash became my treasure!

I am always looking for a great deal. OK what am I saying, a great steal! I love to shop and I love to get a bargain! So I went on somewhat of a shopping spree in hopes of finding some fall/winter clothes. So Below is what I found!

So are you ready for my grand total? $14.50. Where, you might ask?? Goodwill! So, I know some people are not too excited about buying resale clothes but, I must say I am pretty happy with my tops. I got 5 shirts total for a quarter of what one would cost at my favorite store. To top it all off they are all name brand. That's right, brands like Talbots, Croft and Borrow, and Casual Corner. I think they all look pretty classy with my scarfs and necklaces! My little town has lots of resale stores and you never know what you might find. From furniture, to home decor, to clothing. So now with the money I saved on my shirts I can buy me a nice pair of jeans or two! So, don't reject those resale stores, look and see what you might find! You never know what treasures may be out there for you! Happy shopping!

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