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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crochet and Chevron

I've recently taught myself a little about sewing. When I say little, I mean a very, very, small amount! Everything I have learned has come from me tearing something apart and putting it back together or figuring my way, through trial and error (and let me tell you there has been alot of error)! I have followed a pattern and I must say I do prefer a pattern simply for the cutting of fabric.

So in my adventure of crafts, and sewing I am astonished at all the beautiful works of crocheting. It seems to me like it has become in fashion again. So many cute baby things for crochet. From blankets and hats to photography props. So I am going to try to learn how to crochet!

 When I was pregnant with my first treasure a very special lady made me this beautiful baby blanket.
I can't get enough of the chevron pattern. This was my favorite blanket that I got and my oldest treasure still loves it . Since making this, this dear lady has had a lot of health issues and has been put in a nursing home. My husband has taken my oldest treasure to visit her. We have been a couple of times and everytime she looks at this blanket she knows that this sweet lady made it for her and we think of her and pray for her often.

So maybe one day I can make a crocheted blanket! I already have one in mind!  Ha!


  1. :) When you learn, teach me! I only know how to crochet very little...I have several squares I did for a blanket, but they are still that...sqaures!

  2. Deb is going to teach me some tonight... We shall see!