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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am a pinaholic... whoever thought of pinterest, my husband is not a big fan of you! I love to look at pinterest. It's a world of crafts and decorating and fashion and I just can't get enough of it. I have tried so many wonderful recipes that have become a favorite in my house. I've also tried some of the decor secrets and cleaning remedies.

A few weeks ago I found a wreath that I loved and decided to recreate it. Yes, I took the idea from someone off pinterest, this is not my original idea. It cost me a total of  $15:00 to make this wreath and I am very happy with the final product!

I used jute to wrap a Styrofoam wreath form then I added silk flowers, a large letter that I covered with moss, and numbers that I painted. Simple and easy. A tip when making a wreath : nice silk flowers can be expensive. I wait till they go on sale at hobby lobby. I usually try to buy large flowers that do not need a lot of fillers. Hobby lobbies flowers are much nicer than most other stores, but when I need fillers I go to the dollar tree and fill in with their flowers that aren't so nice. You don't notice them as much though because you use the expensive and the inexpensive together. However this wreath only has a few flowers, I love how there are different textures that add variety! Thanks Pinterest for all your wonderful inspiration!


  1. love that! I love jute & how it looks. I'm about to find that pinterist invite & jump right in ;)