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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time Goes By

Huge week in the Chesser household last week. My oldest treasure lost her first tooth. I must say it made me very sad and I even cried a little. It just made me realize how quickly my special girl is growing up! However she is very excited about it and very proud of the little gap in her bottom teeth.

With that happening it made realize I have to cherish every moment I have with her because all too quickly she will be a teenager graduating from high school and about to go to college (sobs hysterically)! Thinking about her growing up made look back on my childhood and teenage years. I was always very close with my mom growing up. My interest and hobbies came from watching my mom and spending time with her.

I have lots of great memories I could share with you about my mom. I remember when I was in middle school and it came time for me to wear make up my mother took me to Merle Norman and had them do a complete makeover, from skin care to how to apply make up. I had so much fun that day and after they finished we shopped till we dropped! That is a day I will never forget! To this day I still wear Merle Norman make up and one day when My oldest treasure gets old enough for make up we will do the same thing! Another day I remember is my first prom. My mom was never very emotional growing up and it was very seldom I ever saw her cry, but on the day of my first prom, I knew she was a little sad that I had grown up! Before I left for prom she looked at me and said "I Hope You Dance". She tried to laugh it off but I remember the look in her eyes when she said it and I knew she wasn't talking just about prom!

So today, as I think about my treasures getting older, I have compiled a list of "things" that I always want her to remember!

"fun" things:
Always laugh! Even if you're laughing at me! Still laugh cause that's when I know you live a happy life!

Find beautiful things around you everyday.

Never miss an opportunity to dance and sing!

Wear high heels and lipstick because there is just something about it that can always make you feel pretty!

Read something everyday!

"life" things:

Always be a true friend! Even when you feel your friends aren't!

Always smile at people you never know when someone will need it!

Use your manners everyday and always respect authority! It doesn't matter if you think they are right or wrong a person with great character always respects those over them!

Be slow to speak and always speak kindly.

Hug your dad and I everyday! There is nothing better than the feeling of your arms around our neck!

Study hard and do beyond your best! You will be proud of yourself in the end!

"most important" things:

Jesus came and died to save you! Follow him all your life!

Be who God created you to be, because there is no one like you and who you are is so very special!

Always remember mom and dad love you no matter what you do!


  1. This is a great post! I have learned so much from watching my boys grow and I can't believe my youngest will be 2 in 4 months plus the oldest will be 5 in October. 5?! How is he turning 5?????