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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Childhood Treasures

I grew up in a pastors family, and thankfully so. My dad has been a pastor ever since I was born and still is today. So, he has been my pastor my whole life. A lot of people don't understand the life of a pastor and his family. Unless you have been there it's just hard to explain sometimes. My family has moved quite a bit. Not as much as some pastors but we have had our share of moving. I only remember living near extended family for about 2 years of my life and even then I was so young that I don't have a lot of memories with them. My immediate family (Mom, dad, brother, and sister) were always very close growing up. Most holidays were spent, just us. We didn't travel to visit family because we lived so far from them.

When you're in a pastors family, your family usually revolves around your church family. When they hurt, you hurt. When they have joyous occasions you share in their joy. They become your extended family. I have an adopted grandmother at my church now. She loves me as I were her own and my children. Even though being a pastor's daughter wasn't always easy, I wouldn't take anything for it. I have had the opportunity to travel places I never would have gotten to go and meet people that I would have never gotten to meet. What an honor it has been to serve God alongside my family.

My husband pretty much lived in the same place his whole life. He did move for a job for a season of his life. His mom is very sentimental and always kept alot from their childhood. She has toys and clothes and homemade blankets. From where we have moved so much my parents were unable to keep things like that, or they got lost in the move. So I have made it a point to keep sentimental things of my kids. I have every Halloween costume, blankets, and some of my favorite clothes and a couple of their first toys! My mother did save a couple of my dresses. I was premature and she kept some of my preemie dresses. I wanted to keep these forever so I hung them in shadow boxes in my oldest treasures room!
It was an easy way to decorate her room, just some pearl straight pins and shadow boxes I picked up at TJ Maxx.

I hope you have some wonderful childhood treasures too! :)


  1. I'm certainly glad I have been blessed to meet you and your family! The first time I lived far from my family was when I got married and it was very difficult for me. I'm so thankful to live a little closer now and can make the trip in one day if I need too!

    I love the new look and the color scheme and your dresses are so cute! I would have never thought about using a shadow box for the clothes!

  2. ah the life of a PK:) right there with you-different at times, but good! So funny how me & Steven lived pretty much the same life...